Background and Inspiration

My love for landscape has taken me on a rich journey through places that are full of contrasting states: wild and cultivated, arid and verdant, rugged and fragile, ever-changing and apparently constant. I am fascinated and fired-up by the complexities of nature and landscape. My paintings are mainly concerned with glimpses of sunlight and shadow that are so evident in the fickle weather conditions here in the north west. Walking and cycling allows me to explore the wonderful and dramatic local coastline, mountains, wooded valleys and moorland, gathering visual material as I move through the varied locations. My images and thoughts are then processed from these environments into my studio-based sketches and paintings, where I use mostly oils for their versatile consistency and rich, vibrant colours. I enjoy the physical process of scraping back areas of paint to reveal unexpected colour combinations underneath and I delight in discovering that at some stage in production areas of a painting can partially evolve seemingly autonomously. I hope that in some way ‘this letting go’ within the process of applying paint is also reflected in my recurring theme of  water and the transitory aspects of climate change within the landscape.
I moved to the north west in 1997 and have loved being in such close proximity to Morecambe Bay, the Lake District and the Bowland Fells. I have regularly visited the Scottish islands of Mull, Harris, Lewis and Skye and the inspiring landscapes of Connemara and Mayo in the Republic of Ireland. There is an historical link for artists with the south of France and I enjoy visiting the region for its flora, topography, light and climate. On location I am constantly researching; walking and cycling around, taking photographs and sketching in new and exciting settings and returning with a head bursting with creative ideas.
For me, the added joy of observing, processing and creating art work attributed to the effects of climate and weather on our fragile environment is simultaneously exquisite and alarming, but nevertheless a privilege. The raw, powerful experience of wild coast, dramatic mountain and managed rural land has been a constant source of inspiration: one which has enabled me to draw upon the connection between the rhythms of walking, season and response to my surroundings. I am intrigued by geological qualities of landscape and the visible impact that climate change and industry/agriculture effects. This, coupled with my passion for colour, texture and form, has enabled me to explore imagery using a wide range of media. Powerful features such as grouped pine trees, cloud formations,  water and cascading vegetation present irresistible challenges to me. My paintings have been described as “depicting our landscape in a beautifully delicate and detailed way invoking a sense of tranquillity” and I like to think that that they also evoke a poetic sense of connection with the natural world.
My paintings are in private collections across the UK, France, Sweden, Australia and the USA.
Paintings of landscape and nature, both wild and cultivated. using oils, wax-oil pastels and watercolour. Occasionally I work on original limited edition collagraph printmaking projects in modest print runs.
Archival quality signed Giclée prints (mounted and/or framed) from selected images. Modest print runs.
Greetings cards
I am pleased to discuss commissions for work with similar themes.
Price range – £5 – £2000+
Please use the Contacts page for enquiries