A recent critique of my paintings: “What I found interesting, is that I kept coming back to look a few times, so I had to think about why. And I realized that the “subjects” seem “ordinary”, but somehow convey a serenity or peacefulness, and a balance of colors and light, and a feeling of stability. I think often other artists apply “jarring” elements, or something unbalanced, maybe to attract attention — or maybe they don’t realize that’s what they feel themselves, and inject it.” Vicki B
Wild at the Margins – SOLD
I attempt to convey my observations, concerns for weather events and how the impact of human activity manifests itself within the natural landscape, through painting and photography. I find sharply contrasting playful beauty and meaning in overlooked and haphazard arrangements of waters-edge debris enabling me to explore imagery that celebrates life forces and the fragility of our environment. Lakeside, riverbank and moorland views lend themselves to my love for the colour and texture of vegetation and the reflective qualities of water. Erosion, through human intervention or destructive weather events are seldom far from my consciousness and I hope to engender a collective sensibility towards ecological balance through my work. Accentuated by fleeting sunlight and deep shade, the motifs I focus on speak of a complex yet unassuming aesthetic of our own inner landscapes: the power of reflection and exploration through looking and contemplation. 
Shallows That Warm – Spring Drought
Juniper at Arnside – limited edition collagraph print
Longing for Submersion – SOLD
Hodge Close Quarry with Tree, pastel & watercolour
Shining River (Liza) Ennerdale
Receding Tide
Gentle Breeze over Low Water – SOLD